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Beginning Iyengar Yoga Poses

The Iyengar yoga method is alignment-focused yoga. The goal is to get acquainted with the body and increase circulation. Pay attention to prop cues and include props such as yoga blocks or folded blankets as often as you see fit. Iyengar believes

Practical Meditation According to Thich Nhat Hanh

Meditation has baffled a bunch of people who are semi-aware of the amazing effects it has on people but think that it’s not for them. They think that they need an immense amount of time and concentration to be able to achieve such a feat. But litt

Connecting Yoga and Creativity

Yoga inspires a great many things, increased physical aptitude, spiritual awakenings, and even improved mental awareness. Through yoga practice, a latent energy called Kundalini, rises through the chakras to your Shiva, your consciousness, and wil

How To Find the Right Yoga Instructor

It is amazing how important a good yoga teacher is to your overall yoga experience. From advice on what to wear to specific instructions on how to safely complete a pose; a good yoga instructo

Kapalabhati: Breath of Fire

Kapalabhati is a Sanskrit word that has two parts: Kapala = Skull, and Bhati = Shiny.

Also known as the Breath of Fire, it is one of the most energetic and stimulating breathing control techniques we do while practicing Yoga. It is cons

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