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Connecting Yoga and Creativity

Yoga inspires a great many things, increased physical aptitude, spiritual awakenings, and even improved mental awareness. Through yoga practice, a latent energy called Kundalini, rises through the chakras to your Shiva, your consciousness, and will provide great inspiration for your creativity. It is through this mental awareness that one can activate the hidden creativity within us all.

The desire to increase our creative ability is not restricted to those who wish to express themselves through some form of art such as, painting, drawing, writing, or even through movement, like dance. Humankind needs to experience creativity to connect with all that surrounds us; whether by connecting with nature, our friends and families, inspiring others in life, or even through soul-searching. One of the great benefits to practicing yoga is that when we feel mentally blocked our practice allows for us to clear any obstacles and our path to creativity opens before us

The stages of a Creative Cycle

Preparation: actively deciding on what you want to create.

Cultivation: Collection of thoughts.

Insight: the know-how of what you want and how to achieve it.

Effort: conscious thought and work to put the idea into fruition.

Accomplishment: completion and distribution of work, although some chose to keep their creative projects to themselves.

Not everyone reaches the last stage, some will circle back to other stages as they work, knowing that an idea still needs to be worked on some more before it will reach the final stage. Creative blocks are not uncommon, which is why yoga can be such a great tool to clear a path through each stage.

How Yoga Can Help You Reach Your Creative Awakening

Akin to the creative process itself, daily commitment goes a long way. When we practice yoga every day, we create a habit of dedication which we can transfer to our creative practice.

The beauty of Yoga is that the journey is more important than the immediate pose. It allows us to put our best foot forward and just try, without the expectation of perfection. The same certainty holds true within creativity, people are afraid to try because it requires a lot of work and perfection may not happen. If they apply the same belief to their creative works, they will see it is more about taking chances and being creative, not whether the result is perfect.

Challenges and various levels of yoga allow for us to push ourselves further in our practice and for our abilities to improve as we move along. The same can be said about pushing past our hesitations and doubts that we might experience within the creative process. We will not get better if we do not learn to push past the difficulties we perceive within our work.

Yoga teaches us to respect our bodies and to love ourselves. Creativity can flourish when we treat our work in the same manner as we treat our body, with love and kindness. If we only think negatively towards our creative work, it will stall because we may not have enough faith to make it become a reality.

How Yoga Can Cultivate Inspiration

Through the visualizations and meditation that is applied within yoga, we activate imagery from the subconscious and allow for brain waves to shift from physical to creative paths. If you maintain the process of yoga and direct it to your creative works you will surely find some inspiration within.