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Does fabric matter when it comes to yoga clothing ?

In any type of physical exercise that you do, you need a special type of clothing to meet the demands. Yoga is no different at all! 

As a yoga practitioner, there are types of yoga clothing that you can wear to make your sessions enjoyable. The fabric that is used to make the clothing is very important. You will need to have a fabric that gives you comfort, at the same time making you look great. Therefore, we are going to break down which fabric is best for you whether you perform your yoga sessions at home, in the gym or at a yoga school.

Choose the right material

Yoga is a type of exercise that involves movements of the body in specific positions such as bending and stretching. Therefore, you will need a material that can put up with the technicalities of yoga. You can go for polyester, nylon, or cotton in order to be able to remain dry and comfortable.

Your fabric should be slightly thick

Choose a fabric that does not expose your body. As you perform yoga, you will need utmost concentration, therefore, you need a fabric that makes you comfortable rather than make you worry every time you strike a pose. The fabric you choose should not be too thick to the extent that it restricts your movements.

The fabric should be durable

As you practice yoga, you will need a cloth that is able to withstand the friction between your body parts and the surface you are using for practice. You need a cloth that can see you through your sessions of practice without running to the shop every week to get a new one. Therefore you should choose materials that are long-lasting and do not fade over a short period. Nylon is one of the strongest and most durable fabrics.

Moisture-wicking garments

There is a guarantee that you are going to break a sweat as you practice yoga. This sweat can be very distracting unless you get a garment that can absorb it all. Moisture-wicking garments are the perfect choice since they are made to draw moisture through their absorbent fibers and deposit the sweat on the outer surface of the cloth. The moisture-wicking garments also contain properties that can fight bacteria.

Choose a soft fabric

A soft fabric is necessary during your yoga practice. You need a fabric that will not make your skin irritated as you stretch and bend during class. On the contrary, a rough fabric will cause your skin to bruise as you perform yoga and this will cause discomfort and pain, hence you can rarely concentrate on your practice.

Compression fabrics

These fabrics are made by combining nylon and spandex and knitting them together. This combination is very good for improving circulation as you perform yoga and it can help to prevent the formation of lactic acid, which causes fatigue. The compression fabrics also contain anti-microbial property, which can do away with foul body odor during your yoga practice.

Choose a form-fitting fabric

Size matters when it comes to choosing the right garment for your yoga practice. Do not choose a cloth that is too baggy since it will hinder your movements and cause discomfort. Neither should it be too tight that it prevents you from stretching and bending or to the very worse expose your privates to other yogis. Instead, get yourself a form-fitting fabric that makes you feel comfortable.


The choice of fabric for your daily exercise in yoga matters a lot because if you choose the right fabric your experience in yoga is not only going to be rewarding but also comfortable.