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How To Find the Right Yoga Instructor


It is amazing how important a good yoga teacher is to your overall yoga experience. From advice on what to wear to specific instructions on how to safely complete a pose; a good yoga instructor will be the difference between a successful first class you’ll want to continue taking and a class you may never want to step foot in again. There are a lot of amazing yoga instructors out there, you just need to do some digging around to find them. It can be so overwhelming and sometimes even disheartening to put in the effort to find the right yoga instructor for you. For a lot of people, it can take a while, but when they do find the right one, it proves to be well worth the wait.

To save you some unnecessary trouble, here are a list of questions to consider while looking for your perfect yoga instructor.

Is Your Yoga Instructor Certified?

Certification is usually a good indication that your instructor is serious about their career. It also means that they are usually well educated in the topics of yoga and the general human body. You can probably imagine how important that is, but sometimes in the hype of things, people get carried away and forget to check if their instructor is even certified.

What Style of Yoga Do They Teach?

Sometimes yoga instructors are great at teaching one style, but not good at another. For example: a great restorative yoga teacher might not be so good at teaching a vinyasa class. Yoga instructors can be better at teaching specific styles of yoga because of their personality, experience, knowledge, comfort levels, etc. Make sure your instructor matches the style she/he is teaching.

Does Your Yoga Instructor Practice What They Preach?

You might be surprised by how many yoga instructors don’t practice yoga. They might be caught up with teaching lots of classes and are too tired to continue their own practice, or they might not like doing it themselves.

It is important to find an instructor who does practice what they preach because they will be able to relate and be of more help to you overall. You can always ask them  or see if they have any social media channels where you can watch them in their element.

Does Your Yoga Instructor Act Professional?

As with any profession, there are some instructors who don’t take their job seriously. Sometimes instructors lose their passion for yoga and sometimes they are overworked and tired. Regardless of the reason, make sure you are only taking classes from instructors who take their job seriously. You probably have a good instructor if they show up early, give students attention, are always organized, and put a lot of effort into their classes. You might want to consider getting a new instructor if she or he is late, rushes classes, is not very communicative, and not very helpful to individual students.

Do You Feel Like You Can Trust Your Yoga Instructor?

The answer to this question is a little bit more intuitive. What is your gut feeling about the instructor? Use that to help guide you in your search.

In the end, you deserve an instructor that makes you feel safe and supported. Your yoga instructor can feel like a trusted and well-educated friend who is always there to answer your questions and helps you get the most out of your experience with yoga.