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Kickstart with a Yoga retreat

Many people attend one yoga class, love the way it makes them feel, intend to go back… but never do. Whether it is difficulty finding a place in your schedule, finding a school close by, or even just finding the motivation, there are a lot of factors that get in the way of uncovering the groove that you are looking for.

One of the best – and smartest – ways to begin incorporating yoga more organically into your life is by taking part in a yoga retreat. Sometimes completely removing yourself from your daily routine to introduce something new can be a more successful approach. The immersive quality of yoga retreats for beginners allows you to completely focus your energy on yoga. With a strong foundation and some planning for your return home, you can easily add yoga to your life and feel amazing.

There are many different styles of yoga retreats. Finding the right one for you depends on many factors. First and foremost, you need to figure out how many days you would be able to dedicate to a retreat. An optimal time frame for success is 3 – 5 days, but a few more days is always beneficial. Are you just starting out or are you more experienced? Look for yoga retreats specifically for beginners if you are just starting out.

Also important is what you are intending to spend budget-wise and how far you want to travel. There are amazing group retreats that take place in holy areas in India that are quite expensive, but you can also find affordable yoga retreats close by that would not be as expensive. A local yoga studio would be a great resource since they are often holding retreats, taking part in them or know somewhere that you could go.

While you are there to fully dive into yoga, don’t forget to consider yourself and what would connect you to the experience more. Are you more interested in a rustic experience, or do you have a preference for comfier accommodations? There are retreats that involve hiking and camping, while there are also retreats at lavish hotels and spas.

When you connect with nature, is it a woodsier setting or a more beach-oriented setting? Finding a retreat that is surrounded by the type of nature that you are drawn to can add a more positive spin on your practice. If someone loves the beach and attends a retreat where they can actually do yoga on the beach, they can draw on that amazing memory every time they do yoga in the future and it will keep them happy and motivated.

You must also have a plan for when you come back. Before you go on your retreat, find a local yoga studio that you like and sign up for a class the day after your retreat. Make sure you make that class when you get back and share with your instructor your experience at the retreat. Let them know what styles you loved and what you need to work on more. When you walk out of the yoga studio that day, you will have a clear path laid out before you to help you keep yoga integrated into your life.